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B2B Copywriter and Messaging Strategist for Technology and SaaS Companies

The real reason customers are
ignoring your marketing

You know you have the best product on the market.

However, if you don’t know how to talk about it effectively, you will always struggle to sell it.

Clearly explaining to customers what you do and why they should buy from you is critical.

Yet, this is something most B2B companies get completely wrong.

Year after year, the highly-influential advisory firm SiriusDecisions has reported that the #1 inhibitor to B2B sales is the inability to clearly communicate value.

Most companies either: 


1. Say too much and confuse their customers


2. Don’t say enough to convince customers to buy


3. Say the wrong

If your busy, distracted customers have to work hard to understand what you do and why they should buy from you, they will simply ignore you.

Your marketing efforts will continue to bleed money unless your customers can quickly:


1. Understand exactly what you offer, with absolutely no confusion


2. Desire your solution, because it’s extremely relevant to their needs


3. Trust that you are a credible provider of the best solution available

Improving your message has the biggest impact on sales for the lowest cost and effort

The wrong words will cripple your business.

The right words, in the right order, will open the door to sales and growth.

Not sure where to start?

I’m a B2B Copywriter and Communications Strategist who specializes in Technology, IT, Software, and SaaS.

I work with companies to uncover the real needs and desires that drive their customers’ buying decisions.

Then, I help those companies craft powerful sales copy that communicates their value clearly and moves customers to action.

“Micah understands the psychology of sales and most importantly, knows how to write sales copy so it is effective at getting the customer to buy!

He is professional and efficient. He delivered high quality, high converting sales copy ahead of schedule. Plan to hire him again for future projects!”

– Julia Elliott, Nature Advanced

I specialize in:


Market Research


White Papers &
Case Studies


Strategic Messaging


Email Campaigns


Website & Ad Copy


Sales Letters & Videos

Clear, persuasive, technically-accurate communication is incredibly difficult

Effective B2B marketing requires 3 things:

1. Getting the customers’ attention by addressing their real needs

2. Communicating complex ideas clearly and accurately

3. Maintaining a consistent, professional tone of voice

Your success depends on hiring an experienced B2B copywriter with the skills required to get the job done correctly, using real market research–not guesswork.

Don’t leave something this important to an amateur.

If you have a solid product or service, but struggle to sell it, I’d love to help you communicate your value clearly, unite your team around your new message, and transform your business.

Let’s get started creating powerful marketing and sales copy for your business today.