Vicky Virtual Receptionists

Vicky Virtual Receptionists: Idea to Profit in 2 Months

Background: My partner, Donald Spann, runs Companion Maids and Urbahome in Chicago. I run The Modern Maids in Kansas City. We both discovered /r/entrepreneurridealong and Launch27 (hands down, the most valuable SaaS product for the money), and started our cleaning businesses around the same time a year or so ago. Donald and I met in the Launch 27 and Groove Learning Facebook groups, […]

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Entrepreneur Education

Is Our Education System Hurting Entrepreneurship?

Is our education system hurting entrepreneurship? That’s the question Entrepreneur Magazine covered in an article that came out today. In the article, the English philosopher Sir Ken Robinson states that our modern education system “employs 21st century technology, but with a 19th century mindset.” It hasn’t changed much since its inception, he argues, and tends to marginalize […]

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